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SONM Services provides companies that face computation-intensive challenges with infrastructure for complex tasks such as neural-network training, big data analysis, machine learning, scientific calculations, video rendering, and more.

Our Products

  • Jupyter Notebook as a service

    Jupyter Notebook as a service

  • Blender video renderer as a service

    Blender video renderer as a service

  • CDN infrastructure

    CDN infrastructure


More computing power for less money

Sonm saves customers up to 80% of the average market price for cloud computing. Our business model includes a significant number of consumer-grade hardware at home, which leads to massive cost reductions for hardware maintenance, allowing hardware owners to sell computing resources at much more convenient prices for customers.

Faster calculations due to low latency

Our platform allows clients to rent computing power from nearby sources, which speeds up the workflow whether they are working on video rendering or relying on computational power to perform AI and deep-learning tasks. Sonm offers high geo-distribution flexible enough to adapt to your process and powerful enough to keep you ahead of the competition, with a large, global pool of on-demand resources.


For our clients

Minimal latency

  • Sonm allows to analyze the most time-sensitive data at the network edge, close to where data is generated, which minimizes latency.

Global geographical coverage

  • Hardware is distributed around the world, which provides benefits for location-specific tasks.

Lower price point

  • Sonm gives clients flexibility to scale up or down at any time depending on the current client’s needs.

Send us a request to gain access to the platform. We’ll contact you in 1-2 business days for details.